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Fast access to useful resources and the narrative report of this mapping site.

Resource Quicklinks

The following resources provide additional insight and information on the global landscape, including current challenges and opportunities, confronting TB care and IQA-SLD supply and access.

Narrative Analysis

Download the narrative analysis of this initiative's findings. This data is current as of September 2017.

Many interviewees stated that better diagnostic algorithms coupled with the utilization of improved diagnostics to identify TB and drug resistance as critical next investments to address multiple challenges simultaneously. Interviewees thought this could help assure timely and appropriate treatment regimens for patients, help programs and suppliers understand demand in terms of drugs and required program resources, and eliminate inefficient diagnostic algorithms currently in place. In countries such as India, Pakistan, and other similar countries where the private sector first encounters the majority of TB patients, particularly innovative approaches including voucher schemes and private laboratories may be required to take advantage of existing resources, alongside new technologies as they are introduced. This kind of improvement is underway in many settings, but some interviewees expressed concern that WHO endorsement of only certain diagnostic companies’ products as preferential creates a monopoly and acts as a discouragement to market entry for new firms.