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Fast access to useful resources and the narrative report of this mapping site.

Resource Quicklinks

The following resources provide additional insight and information on the global landscape, including current challenges and opportunities, confronting TB care and IQA-SLD supply and access.

Narrative Analysis

Download the narrative analysis of this initiative's findings. This data is current as of September 2017.

According to interviewees, additional support would be helpful to high-burden countries with strong health system resources and scientific/ technical capacity. These countries include the BRICS nations (Brazil- Russia- India- China- Republic of South Africa), which make up over half the MDR-TB patients in the world but receive only a little more than a third of the expenditures planned by included projects. India alone receives about 91% of these funds, due to its particular challenges in terms of poverty and health systems capacity. In general, support to these high-burden countries including BRICS and others like Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan and others would be an investment in existing capacity and has the potential to be an efficient, multiplicative use of resources. By jumpstarting comprehensive MDR-TB care with appropriate drugs, this approach has the potential to reach larger numbers of TB patients in a sustained fashion, according to interviewees, as effective approaches can be continued without development assistance channels in future years.