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Fast access to useful resources and the narrative report of this mapping site.

Resource Quicklinks

The following resources provide additional insight and information on the global landscape, including current challenges and opportunities, confronting TB care and IQA-SLD supply and access.

Narrative Analysis

Download the narrative analysis of this initiative's findings. This data is current as of September 2017.


The high level analysis provided here is focused on market barriers and challenges all along the global and local supply chains, particularly as it relates to specific market activities, such as forecasting or regimen complexity to name a few. The research did not assign value to projects in terms of outcomes, rather it identifies existing work within the scope of this project on a global level.

Supply and access initiatives for internationally quality-assured 2nd line drugs against tuberculosis

A report on findings from this mapping exercise for activities ongoing or planned between 2014 and 2020 within the IQA SLD landscape. Current as of September 2017.

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