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Fast access to useful resources and the narrative report of this mapping site.

Resource Quicklinks

The following resources provide additional insight and information on the global landscape, including current challenges and opportunities, confronting TB care and IQA-SLD supply and access.

Narrative Analysis

Download the narrative analysis of this initiative's findings. This data is current as of September 2017.

Where are the efforts working to address this challenge?

The Explorer gives you the ability to see the current major initiatives being undertaken to address supply and access challenges around internationally quality assured second line drugs (IQA-SLD).

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How are they increasing supply and access to 

See what categories various projects and partners are focused on addressing. Within the scope of this project, sub-categories were created to understand the range of activities performed by each entity, organization, or partnership. These are informed primarily by the frameworks set forth by Management Sciences for Health (MSH) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to understand and address market dynamics issues in health systems contexts.

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What is each initiative doing 
to address this challenge?

Learn more about each project, its focus, and where work is being undertaken to address specific issues around IQA-SLD supply and access challenges.

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Which organizations are supporting 
these efforts?

Learn more about the partner organizations working across the globe on various IQA-SLD supply and access projects.

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How can we apply this knowledge 
to increase our impact?

The Analysis area shares insights about current cross-cutting strengths and challenges in the global market concerning supply and access of IQA-SLDs.

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Why did we build this interactive tool?

Learn more about the TB Global Health project, including its research methodology, additional information and resources, and how this tool and data are made possible for open use.

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